About Powell River

area1The Captain and I arrived on the shores of the Sunshine Coast in 2007, onboard the infamous old, wooden yacht, the MV Audrey Eleanor, registered out of Whitehorse, Yukon. We traveled to the Sunshine Coast from Haines, Alaska. On the shores of the North Sunshine Coast, we knew we had finally come home.

Powell River is located on the North Sunshine Coast. Our friends from the north refer to it as Powtown. This is one of the friendliest communities that I have ever lived in. I spent my first winter here in 2014/2015 and kept waiting for winter to happen.

We bought a fall-down house that looks out over the Ocean at Saltery Bay. You could literally see through the walls, and we had no furnace. For us from the north, winter means the heavy cold boot of Old Man Winter is going to stomp down and freeze us and our water pipes during the night well, it just didn’t happen. There was no snow, not a frozen crystal!

Rain, yes we got rain. It would rain for a day or two, but the winds pick up and blow the rain away and the sun shines through the clouds with goddess rays. You feel like you are living in a cathedral. Some mornings, the fog lays like a blanket on the sea, fog horns moaning up Jervis Inlet, making me shiver. The sun shone with such warmth on Christmas Day that we sat on the deck drinking coffee with mostly nothing on. Our Christmas dinner contained fresh oysters and prawns that we caught in front of our house.

Have you heard of a winter garden? I had never heard of a winter garden. We pulled up crisp carrots until the end of March, and I will plant spinach, chard and more carrots at the end of August to harvest through the winter. The deer are a bit of a pain. The worm in the Garden of Eden so to speak. The little speckled babies make you sit back and say oh, how sweet, as their Momma razes your garden.

Garden? Oh my, if you like to grow things this place is outstanding! I personally have fig trees and two types of kiwi vines. Plums, apples, peaches and grapes I want to try growing pomegranates, I believe I will be successful. I planted Sunny the palm tree just because I could. We have banana trees here as well. Flowers of every type seem to be in bloom from February to Christmas (my rose bush had roses on it until Boxing Day).

Yes, all of the amenities are available. For the first few years traveling through by sea, we thought that Marine Avenue with its quaint shops and excellent restaurants was all that was to be had in Powell River. We were quite happy with that. Townsite Brewery was a bonus!

One day, we needed a part that could not be found on Marine Avenue. Our friend Reg, also a new Powtowner, looked at us kind of funny and said, “Well, you could always check out Rona, Canadian Tire or Valley Building?” There is a whole other world of civilization up and off of Joyce Avenue. All of the big box stores live up there.

The hospital is huge and very clean, by the way. The Powell River Kings show everyone how hockey should be played on the ice at the incredible Recreation Centre.Schools and churches abound. People walk everywhere. We are home to the North end of the Sunshine Coast Trail…take an hour, take a week, you can walk/hike forever and all year round as well. Don’t walk? Then take your bike. Again, the trails are well-groomed and endless.

Sailing, boating, fishing and kayaking are done all year round. It would take a lifetime to explore every little bay and island. Golfing, of course, continues all year as well. Your life can be as active as you want, ALL YEAR ROUND. Such a good place to raise a family. My active life has gone from four months to twelve months. I feel much healthier here.

It is slower moving on the North Sunshine Coast. I love arriving at Earls Cove to catch the BC Ferry to Saltery Bay. The outside world stops at Earls Cove. People are chatting with their neighbours, kids are playing on the grass, and there are no worries. Once on board, I take a deep breath and feel like I am being transported to a different world…and I am. I love my new home, every day I am amazed that I live in such a place of beauty and friendship. I really feel like I have found my very own Garden of Eden. I hope that you will be fortunate enough to join us.

Sincerely, Sunny Dawn